Vitrea Vision

Vitrea View*

The patient record is quickly becoming a visual array of a wide variety of image types, often stored in disparate systems across your enterprise.

Vitrea View is a DICOMweb-enabled enterprise viewing solution for the intuitive presentation of DICOM and multi-media images which supports planning and treatment by delivering access to relevant images at the point of care from a browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Vitrea View image-enables your EMR, allowing image access directly from the patient record.

*Vitrea View is not intended for diagnostic use when accessed from a mobile device.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea View Benefits

Improves accessibility and decision making

Single sign-on enables authorized users secure and easy access to consolidated imaging information. This facilitates collaboration and improved decision making

Improves efficiency

Decreases repeat imaging and radiation exposure of patients caused by lack of access to relevant prior images across the enterprise.

Intuitive Design

Allows users to realize the full benefits of use with minimal training.

Related studies

Aggregates all patient image data into a single workflow with or without a VNA.

Improves patient care

Point of care delivery of imaging information allows clinicians to easily share images and review results with patients.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Full-powered Solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D

Vitrea software is a multi-modality advanced visualization system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments.

Multi-modality applications enhance diagnostic confidence across the organization. By providing access to advanced clinical tools, Vitrea software enables physicians to have meaningful interactions wherever they are.

Advanced imaging tools, such as in-suite 3D viewing and automated measurements, facilitate improved clinical outcomes with powerful applications, streamlined partner integrations and clinical solutions and workflows tailored to your needs.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Advanced Visualization Benefits

Intuitive Design

Intuitive user interface with a dark color scheme designed for viewing in the reading room.

Clinical Outcomes

Facilitates improved clinical outcomes with powerful clinical workflows and superior partner applications seamlessly integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization.

Improved Workflow

Increased efficiency with consistent user protocols and experience across all modalities.

IT Efficiency

Easy to deploy thin client solution does not require specialized software to be resident on client computers.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Advanced Visualization Deployments


A one user, intuitive, multi-modality workstation increases productivity helping to optimize the time and resources needed to produce clinical results.


A three-user, multi-modality solution that increases your department workflow with a cost-effective alternative to enterprise integration, all with minimal IT impact.


An enterprise-wide advanced visualization solution provides scalable thin client access to multi-modality clinical solutions anywhere in your medical enterprise.