Multiple Systems. One Solution.

Titan Scalability

The 16-channel Titan MR solution can meet your need for higher performance today with the same comprehensive suite of applications available on both the 16- and 32-channel systems. With the ability to easily upgrade in the future, you can make the move to Titan MR with confidence, knowing you’ve made the right decision for today and tomorrow.

The scalable Titan MR series consists of two configurations:
  • Titan 16-channel with Atlas SPEEDER Coil
  • Titan 32-channel with Atlas SPEEDER Coil

Upgrade to 32 Channels

  • Increased performance over 16 channels
  • Combine more coil elements to meet your clinical needs
  • Faster scan times for patients
  • Apply higher SPEEDER (acceleration factors) in multiple directions simultaneously
  • Shorten breath hold times to optimize abdominal imaging
  • Fast dynamic cardiac scanning
  • Faster pediatric protocols
  • Maximize SNR and temporal resolution for a wide range of exams including cardiac scanning
  • Take advantage of our 32 channel cardiac coil

Engineered for Ease-of-Use

Atlas Integrated Coil System

Atlas SPEEDER Coils are uniquely designed to improve workflow and patient comfort. Atlas easily handles multiple studies by allowing you to position the patient and utilize the coils you need in one easy step.

Increasing operational efficiency with Atlas coils

Atlas coils are lightweight and easy to position. Compared to conventional coils, Atlas coil design utilizes a unique combination of smaller elements, which deliver a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and larger elements for greater penetration. By simultaneously integrating up to 128 RF channels, Atlas provides better image quality overall.
  • Multiple coils can be used simultaneously creating flexibility for operators and comfort for patients
  • Convenient port locations mean that a large segment of exams can be performed feet first
  • 205 cm of table movement (optional) coupled with a sliding spine coil provides maximum flexibility for operators and feet first imaging for patients

Atlas SPEEDER™ Head/Neck

Head/Neck Coil
  • Open style Receive coil
  • Designed for optimal cervical and head imaging

Leading the way in Breast MR Imaging

Radiance Plus

Incorporating productivity-enhancing, patient-friendly Atlas technology, Canon Medical Systems' innovative MR system is optimized for breast MR with the Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Package, featuring the Sentinelle Breast SPEEDER Coil.
  • Perform breast exams feet first, reducing the high volume of patient exams cancelled due to patient discomfort and claustrophobia.
  • Dedicated, multi-element SPEEDER breast coil is designed to provide high-resolution images of breasts and axillary tissues.
  • CAD compatibility offers the ability to reduce time required to interpret images and make biopsy planning easier for clinicians by automating data analysis.
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Workflow post processing applications are as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Designed by the Technologist for Technologists

M-Power is an intuitive user interface built for all levels of users. It allows an efficient workflow and provides advanced post processing software with ease of use in mind on the main console. Eliminating the need to purchase multiple 3rd party software for your advanced imaging needs.

M-Power Technology


Fast, high-quality exams

Improved workflow with a suite alignment tools to guide the operator through the process from beginning to end.

SUREVOI™ Cardiac

Automatic detection of heart and liver with a non-rigid model allows for full workflow automation from table positioning to the Real-time Motion Correction (RMC), probe placement and fully automated cardiac planning.

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CardioLine+ automatically identifies the 14 standard cardiac planes including right and left ventricle, as well as the four cardiac valves in a single breath-hold scan.
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Standardizes workflow with automatic positioning.
  • Auto locator positioning of spine imaging with one click
  • MPR capability allows adjustment and angling of oblique slices
  • SpineLine enhances the reproducibility and efficiency of follow-up examinations of the spine

Spineline Demo


Achieve outstanding scan consistency for all your brain exams with NeuroLine+. The function’s intelligent alignment algorithm allows you to automatically set up according to AC-PC and OM line.
Neuro Demo

Clinical Solutions

Ultrashort TE (UTE)

Extend the range of imaging to tissues traditionally very difficult for MRI.

  • Allows for imaging of tissues such as ligaments, tendons and lung tissue
  • Industry first dedicated MR sequence for lung imaging


Take your cardiac workflow one step further with T2* mapping. By utilizing Canon Medical Systems’ updated FFE2D mEcho sequence, T2* maps can be used in the quantification and analysis.

The images of T2* are from Heart Institute (Instituto do Coração), University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Brazil.

Post-processed by Vitrea™/Medis

Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery (PSIR)

PSIR in the heart provides improved contrast in late-enhanced imaging by using a more robust nulling of healthy myocardial signal without the need for an inversion time (TI) calibration scan. By eliminating the need for calibration, cardiac examinations can be completed with fewer breath holds and greater patient comfort.

The images of PSIR are from Heart Institute (Instituto do Coração), University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Brazil.

Left : Delayed Enhancement, Right : PSIR

MOdified Look-Locker Inversion recovery (MOLLI)

Expand your cardiac toolset with T1 mapping, allowing you to acquire a much more quantitative characterization of myocardial tissue. Canon Medical Systems’ T1 mapping utilizes a MOLLI sequence, enabling the acquisition of a full T1 map within a single breath hold.

The images of MOLLI are from Heart Institute (Instituto do Coração), University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Brazil.

Post-processed by Vitrea/Medis

MSOFT Fat Suppression

Designed for high homogeneous fat saturation for improved image quality.

MSOFT Fat Suppression Demo


Enhanced vessel depiction in FSBB.

  • Advanced filtering enhances flowing blood to yield optimal vessel contrast
  • Enhanced filtering allows for comparable contrast in shorter scan times (compared to standard FSBB)

Multi b-value DWI

Acquire multiple b-values in a single scan to improve workflow.

T2 Mapping

Visualize Multi-echo T2 Map cartilage images.

Water Fat Separation (WFS)

Improved clinical imaging for the liver.

Using 2 different echoes, WFS produces water and fat based images in phase and out of phase.

Double IR

Increasing clinical image quality in neuro exams.

The double IR pulse sequence improves upon the FLAIR sequence by adding a second IR for improved separation of gray and white matter.

Double IR DEMO

mVox for T1 Weighted Imaging

Increasing throughput for neuro exams.

  • 3D scans can be easily reformatted for increased throughput

mVox Demo


Real-time Motion Correction tracks the motion of the diaphragm for improved MRCP exams.

  • RMC monitors the anatomy directly to provide sharper images over ordinary respiratory gating
  • RMC can help reduce scan time by tracking the anatomy directly

Computed DWI (cDWI) Maps

This technique allows the user to create an unlimited number of b-value maps from a single DWI acquisition.

Improved MRCA

Optimized Sequences for coronary imaging using SPAIR fat suppression.


Increased clinical image quality with enhanced SNR by combining 2D multiple echoes.

Canon Medical Systems’ innovative solution for enhanced patient safety, comfort and throughput.

Rapid Transport System (RTS)

Canon Medical Systems’ innovative Rapid Transport System (RTS) offers the ultimate solution when patients need to be moved in and out of the MRI suite. Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver, the Rapid Transport System combines the flexibility of a standard stretcher with the functionality of an MR table, enhancing safety and improving the overall patient experience. The RTS improves workflow and throughput efficiency by simplifying access to MR procedures and reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

RTS Overview

Atlas SPEEDER™ Head/Neck*

Head/Neck Coil
  • Open style Receive coil
  • Designed for the Titan 3T
  • Designed for optimal cervical and head imaging

*Only available for Vantage Titan 3T with V3.5 software

Shoulder SPEEDER

  • Designed for the Titan
  • 6 Element Receive coil
  • Flexible coil elements fits patients of all sizes with maximum SNR

Extra Large Knee Array Coil

  • Designed for the Titan
  • 7 Element Transmit & Receive coil
  • 22 cm inner diameter for your bariatric patients

4ch Flex SPEEDER

  • Designed for the Titan
  • SPEEDER Compatible
  • Can be combined with spine, body and head coils


  • 6 Element
  • Allows for imaging by the patient’s side or above the head
  • Unique configuration allows scanning from wrists to finger tips in one FOV

Pediatric SPEEDER

16 Element Flex Coil Positioning Devices
  • Combines two 16 element flex coils into a 32 element pediatric solution
  • Allow for high resolution head and spine imaging
  • SPEEDER compatible

Knee Positioning Device

16 Element Flex Coil Positioning Devices
  • Provides a stable and comfortable positioning platform for the 16 element flex coils


Breast Coils
  • Uniquely contoured to the body to provide maximum patient comfort
  • Designed to provide high-resolution images and greater tissue penetration

Adaptive Endo Pelvis SPEEDER

Adaptive Endo Pelvic
  • Designed for the 1.5 tesla MR system
  • 2 Element SPEEDER compatible coil
  • Improved SNR and anatomical coverage

32ch Cardiac SPEEDER

  • Combines anterior and posterior elements for high spatial resolution
  • SPEEDER compatible to improve temporal resolution

QD Head Coil

QD Head
  • Designed for the Titan
  • Open style Transmit and Receive coil
  • ACR Phantom compatible