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May 25, 2021

Canon Medical awarded “The Imperial Invention Prize”

(Left)Mr. Hiroshi Aradate  (Right)Mr. Hiroaki Miyazaki

Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi, Japan; President and CEO : Toshio Takiguchi) has been awarded, the coveted “The Imperial Invention Prize” and “Invention Implementation Achievement Award”, in May 2021, for the development of its ground-breaking data-reading method for wide-area CT detectors.

Endowed by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII), these awards are the most prestigious of their kind and are only granted in recognition of significant contributions to the fields of science, technology, and industry.
Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO of Canon Medical Systems Corporation says of the recognition, “This is the first time Canon Medical has been awarded the “The Imperial Invention Prize”, which makes it a very special moment for our company. It is a great honour to have our CT innovations recognized by such esteemed and well-respected peers.”
The CT system using this invention has made it possible to scan entire organs such as the brain and heart in a single rotation, and has also made it possible to take images with much lower radiation doses than conventional scanning methods, making it a significant contribution to the development of medicine.
Outline of the awarded invention This invention relates to a method for reading out data from a wide-area CT detector installed in a medical CT system. In order to expand the range of applications and reduce the burden on patients, the use of wide-area detectors has been encouraged, but the increase in the scale of circuits used to be a problem.
This invention by Canon Medical reduces the number of wires by placing switches in each detector element and extracting signals in a time-shared manner. It also reduces the number of circuits by blocking the processing circuits and performing parallel processing. As a result, Canon Medical succeeded in commercializing a wide area detector CT with a scanning range of 16 cm per rotation.


Awards and Recipients

The Imperial Invention Prize
Hiroaki Miyazaki
(Senior Engineer, CT Development Department, CT Division, CTMR Business Headquarters, Canon Medical Systems Corporation)
Hiroshi Aradate
(Formerly with Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation)

Achievement Award
Toshio Takiguchi
(President and CEO, Canon Medical Systems Corporation)

About the National Commendation for Invention
The purpose of the National Commendation for Invention, which dates back to the first Imperial Commendation for Invention in 1919, is to encourage and foster inventions and contribute to the improvement of science and technology and the promotion of industry in Japan by honouring those who have perfected outstanding inventions, those who have made efforts to implement them, and those who have contributed to the guidance, encouragement, and fostering of inventions.