President's Message


Dear customers,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your continued support and patronage.
We remain committed to achieving advances and realizing high precision in our diagnostic imaging systems in order to support diagnosis with a high level of confidence. We will continue to pursue further development of technologies while keeping diagnostic imaging systems as our core business. By utilizing advanced technologies, including AI, to integrate, analyze, and process, we can transform the abundance of data obtained by highly-precise diagnostic imaging into information of even greater value to the provision of increasingly efficient healthcare services.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our recent developments in CT.

As you may be aware, we recently launched our new-generation 80-row CT from Japan Market, which fully exploits core technologies of Canon’s imaging division. The history of our CT business began in 1975 with the delivery of Japan's first EMI scanner to Tokyo Women's Medical University. Through the development of helical scan CT systems, we have been continuously involved in developing CT systems that incorporate cutting-edge technologies to meet clinical needs. The 2000s was an era of intense competition in the multislice CT market and the number of detector rows in our detectors doubled every year with the release of a new CT system. In parallel with the development of these systems, we conducted international multicenter joint research with nine medical institutions around the world. This research aimed to create and verify the clinical value of coronary CT examinations using 64-row multislice CT. In 2007, we presented the world's first 320-row CT, which enabled acquisition of images covering 16 cm in the axial direction in a single rotation. In 2016, we released the world's first high-resolution CT, which has eight times the spatial resolution of a conventional CT system.

Then, last year we announced that we are striving for early practical application of photon counting computed tomography (PCCT), a next-generation diagnostic imaging technique. PPCT is expected to have the capability of identifying multiple material components with improved resolution while minimizing exposure dose.

At Canon Medical Systems, we will continue our efforts toward offering cutting-edge solutions—developed based on our Made for Life philosophy—to address the challenges of clinical practice.

Toshio Takiguchi
President and CEO