Enterprise technology isn’t just about imaging. It’s about content.

Built on a scalable, content agnostic architecture, Vitrea Connection allows you access to all your data so that you can solve interoperability and workflow gaps in your imaging departments.

Data Orchestration Engine

Leveraging the best technologies from all industries, the data orchestration engine within Vitrea Connection delivers greater flexibility to tailor workflows across departments.
By using a graphical dataflow designer, customers can make massive modifications to the dataflow that are extensible enough to meet each department’s needs and accommodate unknown future needs. With a simple drag and drop, customers can quickly and easily create a workflow that is uniquely theirs, without waiting for their custom needs to be addressed within the next version release.

Support for Encounters-Based Imaging Workflow – PoCUS

Orchestrating data is the key to solving some of the most difficult challenges faced by healthcare organizations. For instance, Vitrea Connection’s data orchestration capabilities allow your Point-of-Care Ultrasound images to be captured and associated with the patient, providing a more complete clinical record and the ability to capture additional technical charges.

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