Tailored Ultrasound solutions for every clinical need

From routine screening to clinical research, from assisted reproduction to high risk assessment, from gynecological imaging to interdisciplinary assessment, Canon Medical offers a wide range of Women's Health solutions helping you to meet your specific clinical and budgetary needs. The multidisciplinary approach of our diagnostic ultrasound portfolio ensures consistent high image quality with superior productivity across the clinical portfolio.

Webinar : Diagnosis and Management of early and late Fetal Growth Restriction

Learn from Dr. TC Chang how to evaluate FGR using ultrasound imaging techniques on Canon Medical product.

Webinar : Changing paradigms in 1st Trimester Ultrasound screening

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe modality that has long been one of the key evaluation tools in pregnancy. As technology continually evolves, so too does the scope of what can be assessed in earlier in the pregnancy. Join our experts from Australia and Singapore to hear more about the role of screening particularly in the first trimester. This interesting program will provide information about Ultrasound and other screening tests available to the clinician and how screening may impact maternal and fetal outcomes.