Peacefully quiet.
Remarkably fast.

Vantage Galan 3T

Patient Ease Results in Optimized Image Quality

Get streamlined workflow, high-quality images and maximum patient comfort in Canon Medical Systems’ Vantage™ Galan 3T MR system. The system was designed to meet the needs of you and your patients, giving you the tools you need to provide better patient care without compromising the patient experience.

Overview Video

Unique acoustic noise reduction suites.

Pianissimo Zen

  • Pianissimo Technology
  • Pianissimo Zen Sequences
  • mUTE*
  • mUTE 4D-MRA
  • Pianissimo + mUTE sequences
  • Less than 2dB acoustic noise increase over the ambient noise (Absolute Value: Less than 62.3dB*)

* Depending on the condition of usage and examination.
* mUTE : minimized acoustic noise utilizing UTE

Pianissimo Zen Sequences

Providing a patient-friendly examination environment.




Comfortable for large patients.

Wide 71cm Bore

Wide shoulders and large midsections can still fit comfortably in the expansive bore of the Galan 3T.

⁠MR Theater

In-bore visuals enhance patient comfort, thereby helping to put your patients at ease.

Patients undergoing MR exams will find a relaxing environment with Canon Medical Systems’ new MR Theater. Creating an immersive virtual experience for patients, the new MR Theater gives patients a visual focal point to distract them from the exam, encouraging them to relax and stay still, enabling clinicians to produce efficient, high-quality imaging.

MR Theater Demo

Saturn Technology

Canon Medical Systems’ intelligent Saturn technology provides a more consistent image quality through increased gradient stability and precise center frequency control.

High-pressure Molding
  • Increased gradient stability
  • ×2.3 Higher Pressure

High-pressure Molding

Triple cooling
  • Two fold increase in system cooling 
  • Precise center frequency control

Triple cooling

Canon Medical Systems’ unique PURERF technology increases the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of Vantage Galan 3T by up to 20 percent for all clinical applications. The system’s improved RF transmit and receive efficiency helps raise your diagnostic confidence while shortening scan times.

Optimized RF design improves SNR.

PURERF Tx Technology

PURERF Tx RF shielding technology maximizes the RF transmission efficiency for optimal image quality.


Electronic noise reduction receive technology improves SNR.

   PURERF Rx Technology