Support for Evidenced-Based Management

Monitor your imaging performance using pre-built dashboards and graphs or explore your data in detail and create custom visualizations of the data that is generated directly by your imaging equipment. Unlocking the DICOM metadata provides a comprehensive and accurate view of imaging operations available today.
Discover opportunities using a powerful recommendation engine and receive actionable information that may help you achieve your financial objectives with our business intelligence tools. Making informed decisions requires convenient access to comprehensive information.

Operational Benefits

  • Strategically manage your entire organization’s fleet of imaging modalities
  • Gain accurate visibility into all modality utilization including mobile devices
  • Share and display customizable dashboards to monitor performance
  • Proactively identify revenue generation opportunities
  • Receive customized data to support achievement of revenue targets
  • Monitor your ordering physicians’ referral patterns

Clinical Benefits

  • Discover and resolve unwanted variations in acquisition workflow
  • Optimize protocols and exam cards with series and instance level data analysis
  • Easily share Key Performance Indicators to propagate best practices throughout your organization
  • Identify opportunities to standardize clinical workflow
  • Helps improve operations associated with specific ICD-10 diagnostic codes

IT Benefits

  • Comprehensive dashboarding to enable easy end-user interaction with data
  • Self-service user access to data frees your IT resources from report generation tasks
  • Easy integration with DICOM data sources and single server architecture enables a streamlined implementation process
  • Supports enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Provide a scalable solution that grows with your organization

Monitor Imaging Performance Using Pre-built Dashboards or Customize Your Own Views

  • Become productive immediately using pre-built dashboards designed by a company with 30 years of experience in medical imaging
  • Customize the system’s pre-built dashboards to suit your specific business needs or create entirely new ones
  • Enjoy an ever-expanding library of dashboards and visualizations with new software upgrades
  • Vendor agnostic architecture provides access to a wide range of data
  • Monitor your ordering physicians’ referral patterns

Create Custom Visualizations to Share or Add to Dashboards With an Intuitive User Interface

  • Create user configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) using 15 available visualization types including heat maps, gauges and tag clouds
  • Share KPIs with other users to propagate best practices
  • Embed KPIs into your own organization’s web pages
  • Include or exclude specific data to eliminate outliers

Discover and Explore the Rich Data Generated Directly by Your Imaging Equipment

  • Clearly identify data elements being generated by imaging modalities
  • Explore and filter key data that only resides in DICOM to uncover new insights
  • Associate data elements into groups for further analysis
  • Drill-down using filters and utilize text search to query information stored in DICOM tags
  • Vendor agnostic architecture provides access to a wide range of data
  • Monitor your ordering physicians’ referral patterns

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