Wireless CXDI-702 Series

Design excellence.

The superb Wireless 702 series incorporates Canon’s legendary LANMIT amorphous silicon core with high sensitivity cesium iodide scintillator.

Robust design

Ergonomic and rigid design has resulted in a low weight FPD for maximum strength and durability that can bear a surface load of 310 kg.

Waterproof & dust resistant

Our IP55 protection provides you with extra assurance in the products under challenging conditions or when cleaning the product for safety.

Ergonomic shapes

Organic shape for easier positioning plus patient and user comfort. Comfortable grips to safely hold and move the product.

Key Specifications

125 μm

Pixel pitch


Water and Dust protection


Automatic Exposure Detection

Preview 1 sec.

Standard / non synchronized gen. mode


Surface load

Last Image Hold

Secure patient image transition

A/D 16-bit

Grey Scale, 65536 gradations

Removable Cover

Cover refurbishment possible