Sports are for everyone. So is sports medicine.

Transferring elite-level health, injury and rehabilitation learnings to routine clinical practice

As part of our Made for Life philosophy, Canon Medical partners with elite sporting clubs by providing leading-edge imaging solutions that aid professionals return to play at the optimal timing. We are also committed to transferring these learnings in sports medicine to enable everyone, whether amateur or professional, to maximize their sporting enjoyment.

Collaborative research

In collaboration with elite sports clubs such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid and top-tier experts, we continue to innovate towards advancement in sports medicine to aid the prevention and diagnosis of sports related injuries.

Over the course of our partnerships, more than 40 studies on musculoskeletal (MSK) and cardiac imaging have been published, contributing valuable knowledge to the sports medicine community that can support optimal return-to-play (RTP) decisions for athletes and management of injuries for everyone.

Worldwide expertise

Under Canon Medical Academy, we provide high-quality education and online resources to keep you ahead of the latest developments in sports medicine and general orthopedics.

Over 50 global experts have shared their knowledge and experience worldwide through our platform.
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Social impact

As part of our goal to enhance quality of life for all, we are bringing advanced imaging technology closer to the community, supporting the wellbeing of everyone.

In collaboration with Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, B. Braun Sheffield Sharks basketball franchise, PCA Ltd and The LivingCare Group, Canon Medical Systems UK has established a unique health and wellbeing facility - Canon Medical Arena in Sheffield. UK’s first carbon-neutral built community arena with multi-purpose sports facility & integrated Medical Diagnostics Centre to improve health and wellbeing.

We also proudly sponsor a local women's basketball team and school basketball programme, by providing coaching and other resources to promote the pursuit in sports regardless of gender and age.
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