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The Ultimate, Intuitive MR Interface


The revolutionary Canon Medical Systems M-power user interface takes MR performance and flexibility to levels higher than ever before. M-power is able to be customized for site specific scanning requirements by creating the optimal user interface for everyone, regardless of whether they’re new to MR or have years of experience. Efficiency is increased with advanced applications which streamline and accelerate processes with quick and easy to use features. With these new techniques now available, it’s even easier to develop clinical referrals.

Designed by you for the way you work.

Canon Medical Systems’ next generation M-Power interface lets operators design their own protocols and easily access mTools for greater convenience. Frequently used icons are positioned to reduce the amount of required mouse movement across the interface. This ergonomically, eye-pleasing display increases efficiency and reduces operator fatigue.

Easy to use. Easy to learn.

M-Power makes Canon Medical Systems’ sophisticated suite of MR software remarkably easy to learn and use, enabling technologists of every skill level to access its full range of functionality. Beginning the first scan with three quick steps reduces the patient’s anxiety while they wait for the exam to begin. M-Power allows you to accommodate a higher patient volume while offering a wider range of clinical applications.

"The M-Power interface from Canon Medical Systems is intuitive and very easy to use. With M-Power, we are performing more efficient and shorter exams, allowing us to accommodate back-to-back patients with ease."

Beth Mejia and Beth Behrendt, MRI technologists, Fairview Health Services

Satisfying the need for speed.

Canon Medical Systems MR systems with M-Power facilitate faster throughput by using efficient tools and proprietary protocols. This significantly enhances workflow from patient registration to patient completion or diagnosis. The ability to optimize the M-Power user interface with mTools, along with Atlas Compass and new sequences, increases staff efficiency. Space requirements are reduced as a result of the ability to multi-task on a single console.

Atlas Compass

Atlas Compass is a premium coil detection tool that provides unparalleled productivity and image quality by complete automating the selection of coil elements within a predetermined range.

Computed DWI (cDWI) Maps

This technique allows the user to create an unlimited number of b-value maps from a single DWI acquisition.


mVox acquires more information in less time by performing 3D isotropic volume T2W or FLAIR imaging.

Optimizing efficiency in 3 Dimensions.

Canon Medical Systems MR systems with M-Power can automatically apply advanced 3D post-processing for MIP, MPR and SVR to achieve greater workflow efficiency.

Surface Volume Rendering (SVR)

Eliminating the need for a separate workstation, M-Power can conveniently use the automated SVR post-processing program to create advanced 3D volume rendered images.

Multi-Planar Reformatting (MPR)

M-Power can automatically reformat an isotropic volume data set in any plane including user-selectable oblique planes.

Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)

Automated MIP post-processing can be applied by selecting the 3D process on the operator console. Images can then be optimized manually with an easy-to-use cutting tool, previewed and saved as a DICOM data set.

Advanced post-processing as easy as 1-2-3.

Advanced post-processing applications have been developed with a streamlined workflow for operators at all experience levels. fMRI, Spectroscopy, Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Diffusion Tractography applications can be accessed on the main console using the following simple, three step process. These optional applications can be added as your clinical practice grows.


Functional analysis displaying areas of activation with color enhancement. Functional data may be fused with any 2D or 3D data set.


M-Power provides processing of single and multi-voxel spectral data. Baseline correction, peak analysis, CSI evaluation and metabolite identification are automatically displayed.

Diffusion Tensor Tractography

mTensor is customizable to the users preference which automates post processed values and color maps. The calculation of tensor maps and tracks can be configured and fused with 2D or 3D data sets.


Improve workflow with automatic slice alignment for cardiac, neuro and spine exams. Standardize workflow with automatic positioning.

SUREVOI™ Cardiac

Automatic detection of heart and liver with a non-rigid model allows for full workflow automation from table positioning to the Real-time Motion Correction (RMC), probe placement and fully automated cardiac planning.



CardioLine+ automatically identifies the 14 standard cardiac planes including right and left ventricle, as well as the four cardiac valves in a single breath-hold scan.



With its auto-locator functionality, SpineLine allows you to plan spine studies quickly and easily. Sagittal and coronal locators allow you to set double-oblique slices, enhancing the reproducibility of follow-up exams.



Achieve outstanding scan consistency for all your brain exams with NeuroLine+. The function’s intelligent alignment algorithm allows you to automatically set up according to AC-PC and OM line.

Maintaining your edge with M-Power

Requiring minimal training and experience to use, Canon Medical Systems’ comprehensive training resources make getting up to speed with M-Power even easier. Classroom instruction at the Canon Medical Systems Institute for Advanced Learning located in Irvine, CA, includes hands-on experience using M-Power on fully functional MRI systems. Additional on-site training and follow-up visits by Canon Medical Systems professionals help technologists maintain their competence in order to facilitate consistent scanning and faster diagnoses.