Vantage Elan elevates image quality with intelligent noise removal and rapid scanning techniques, ensuring faster examinations and enhanced patient comfort. Discover the perfect balance of speed, clarity and procedural flexibility with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE).

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

AiCE is the world’s first Deep Learning Reconstruction technology for MRI. AiCE intelligently removes noise from images which can improve SNR and enable increased resolution across all applications.

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Exsper provides accelerated scans with suppressing unfolding errors even in the small FOV images.

Compressed SPEEDER (CS)

Compressed SPEEDER enables accelerated imaging while maintaining high image quality.

Fast 3D mode

Fast 3D mode reduces scan time of 3D imaging by up to 50%.

RDC (Reverse encoding Distortion Correction)

RDC DWI reduces distortion in phase encoding direction due to B0 field inhomogeneity or eddy current in DWI sequence.


IMC is a motion correction technology for reducing motion artifacts caused by sporadic movements, which leads to prevent rescanning.