Convenient features enhance usability

Easily move the field of view
First press the i-fluoro button to display a rectangle within the full view. Then move the rectangle to frame the area of interest and zoom that area to fill the screen. Reducing the field of view also reduces the exposure dose.
There is no need to move the table, x-ray tube, detector. Additionally, is no need to change the position of the patient.



  • Acquire multiple high-quality tomographic images in little time with low radiation exposure while the patient is lying down or standing to apply gravity.
  • Tomosynthesis is less
    susceptible to metal artifacts than other imaging modalities, making it suitable for post-surgical examinations.



Images with long fields of view*

Zexira i9 creates long images by automatically stitching images consecutively acquired while the X-ray tube moves.


Efficient operation on a single console

All examination operations, such as for tomosynthesis and long image creation, are integrated into a single console to enhance examination efficiency.
  • Touch screen
  • Adjusting the brightness of the fluoroscopic image
    (the brightness can be adjusted instantly without increasing the dose.)

SID extension

The SID can also be extended up to 180 cm*, ensuring a wider space and sufficient coverage for examinations with reclining angles.

Symmetrical design

Accessories can be attached to the head or foot end of the table, and the field of view of the FPD can be moved to within 9cm of the tabletop edge.

Foot switch to support the procedure*

When proceeding with the examination on the side of the bed, fluoroscopy can be performed with the foot switch even when both hands are full. (Left)

By preparing a foot switch that can control the movement of the imaging system and the bed, you can concentrate on the procedure.(Right)


Extend your diagnostic portfolio*

A wide range of versatile options are available for Zexira i9 to help you extend your diagnostic portfolio without the need for an additional room

・Tube rotation configuration
With its capability of targeting the tube also to the floor, the tube rotation configuration offers next to chest examinations a wide range of clinical applications.


Portable Canon innovation

Next-generation Flat panel detectors

Wireless Canon FPDs incorporate advanced X-ray image sensor technology and support high-quality diagnosis in diverse examination settings.

Bucky stands and wireless FPDs

Bucky stands and wireless portable FPDs are available to support a wide range of general radiography examinations.