DICOM [Current Products]

DICOM Conformance Statements
These DICOM conformance Statemens provide details about the DICOM Service Classes, Information Objects and Communication protocols supported by Canon Medical Systems's Products. This information is inteded to facilitate checking compatibility and integrating these products within a DICOM compliant hospital network. Note that some variability is permitted within the DICOM Standard,so connectivity confirmation is still advised.


Model NameSoftware VersionConformance Statement
Infinix Celeve™-i series / Infinix™-i series DFP-8000  V6.20 or laterMIIXR0010EAU (PDF:758KB)
HDR-08AV1.00.00 or laterMIIXR0019EAC (PDF:373KB)
V1.04.01 or laterMIIXR0019EAD (PDF:374KB)
V1.31.01 or laterMIIXR0019EAE (PDF:596KB)
MGU-1000DV3.00 or laterMIIXR0014EAH (PDF:529KB)
Plessart™32, Plessart™50 PDR-01AVer.1.03 or laterMIIXR0015EAA (PDF:312KB)
DRAD-3000EV3.20 or laterMIIXR0017EAC (PDF:447KB)
SXT-2000ACXVIEW 3.0.1 or later2G985-030ENA (PDF:515KB)
TDR-2010AV3.30 or laterMIIXR0020EAA (PDF:332KB)
ZEXIRA PDR-04A/01,/02V3.00 or later2G985-005ENA (PDF:630KB)

Computed Tomography

Model NameSoftware VersionConformance Statement
Aquilion™, Aquilion ONE™,
Aquilion™ PRIME, Alexion™, Astelion™
TSX-101A, TSX-301A, TSX-301B, TSX-301C, TSX-302A, TSX-201A, TSX-032A, TSX-033A, TSX-034A, TSX-303A
V6.0 or laterMIICT0058EAC (PDF:881KB)
Aquilion™, Alexion™, Astelion™, Aquilion ONE™
V7.0 or later2G985-019ENA (PDF:1,062KB)
Aquilion™, Aquilion ONE™
V8.0 or later2G985-014EN A(PDF:1,055KB)
Aquilion™, Aquilion ONE™
V8.1 or later2G985-033ENA (PDF:1,060KB)
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Model NameSoftware VersionConformance Statement
Vantage Elan™,
Vantage Titan™
MRT-2020, MRT-1504,
MRT-1510, MRT-2004,
V3.0 and V3.1 2G985-002ENB (PDF:833KB) 
V2.60 and V3.52G985-003ENC (PDF:846KB)
Vantage Elan™,
Vantage Titan™
Vantage Galan™
MRT-2020, MRT-1504,
MRT-1510, MRT-2004,
MRT-3010, MRT-3020
V4.02G985-021ENB (PDF:979KB)
Vantage Orian™,
Vantage Galan™
MRT-1550, MRT-3020
V4.5 and V5.02G985-038ENA (PDF:965KB)


Model NameSoftware VersionConformance Statement
Aplio™i900 TUS-AI900
Aplio™i800 TUS-AI800
Aplio™i700 TUS-AI700
Aplio™i600 TUS-AI600
V1.6/V1.7/V1.82G985-016ENF (PDF:7.77MB)
V2.02G985-016ENG (PDF:8.23MB)
V2.52G985-016ENH (PDF:8.17MB)
V3.0 or later2G985-016ENI (PDF:8.27MB)
Aplio™a550 CUS-A550
Aplio™a450 CUS-A450
V1.3 or later2G985-039EN (PDF:8.51MB)
Aplio™500 TUS-A500
Aplio™400 TUS-A400
Aplio™300 TUS-A300
V6.60/V6.70/V6.802G985-007END (PDF:7.46MB)
V7.00 or later2G985-007ENE (PDF:6.46MB)
Xario™200G CUS-X200G
Xario™100G CUS-X100G
1.1 or later2G985-041EN (PDF:7.15MB)
Xario™200 TUS-X200
Xario™100 TUS-X100
V5.6/V5.7/V5.82G985-008END (PDF:7.45MB)
V6.0 or later2G985-008ENE (PDF:7.39MB)
Xario™100 TUS-X100SV4.0 or later2G985-017ENA (PDF:3.54MB)
Viamo™c100 TUS-VC100V1.1 or later2G985-034ENA (PDF:404KB)
Viamo™sv7 CUS-VSV7V1.5 or later2G985-040EN (PDF:646KB)
V3.20 or laterMIIUS0048EAD (PDF:4.04MB)
V5.00 or later2G985-004ENA (PDF:3.34MB)
V1.00 or laterMIIUS0037EAA (PDF:252KB)

Nuclear Medicine

Model NameSoftware VersionConformance Statement
V6.2 or laterMIICT0059EAA (PDF:945KB)
V6.4 or later2G985-031ENA (PDF:1.2MB)
V6.5 or later2G985-046EN (PDF:1.4MB)


Model NameSoftware VersionConformance Statement
TFS-01V1.00 or laterMIIMS0015EAC (PDF:306KB)
V1.80 or laterMIIMS0015EAD (PDF:374KB)
V2.60JR000 or laterMIIMS0015EAE (PDF:411KB)
V3.2 SP0000J or later2G985-028ENA (PDF:443KB)
V3.3 SP0000J or later2G985-028ENB (PDF:451KB)
TCS-10V1.00 or laterMIIMS0020EAB (PDF:405KB)
V1.20 or laterMIIMS0020EAC (PDF:457KB)
STMH-005, SVIW-TMH05V1.00 or later2G985-011ENA (PDF:363KB)
VAS-01V7.4 SP0000J or later2G985-029ENA (PDF:549KB)
HCBA-01V1.00 or later2G985-035ENA (PDF:331KB)
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