Solutions for management of cardiovascular disease

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ONE rotation cardiac imaging

Aquilion ONE’s 16 cm wide area detector significantly improves your ability to obtain high-quality images for routine and advanced studies. One rotation is all it takes to acquire a whole heart – in a fraction of a second with low dose and great z-axis uniformity. All-in-one CT which enables not only coronary artery morphology but also functional analysis such as myocardial perfusion.


Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) - Deep Learning Reconstruction

AiCE is an innovative approach to CT reconstruction that leverages Deep Learning Neural Networks. Trained using huge amounts of high-quality image patches, reconstructed with an advanced model-based iterative reconstruction algorithm, AiCE has learned to distinguish true signal from noise to deliver exceptional scans without compromising on speed or dose.

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SUREVOI Cardiac and CardioLine+

SUREVOI Cardiac automatically detects the location of your patient’s heart and adjusts it to the center of the magnet where the homogeneity is the highest. CardioLine+ then automatically works to detect 14 different standard views of the heart for a faster, more efficient worflkow.

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This technology enables up to 8x faster frame rate cardiac cine and perfusion with free breathing. Not only does this make it easier for you to image a wide range of cardiac patients, it also helps you acquire high temporal resolution cardiac cine without compromising patient comfort.

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“Cardiomyopathy revealed severe systolic dysfunction on k-t SPEEDER cine images. There was full-thickness late gadolinium enhancement of the entire inferior wall, inferolateral walls of the left ventricle.”
Dr. César Nomura
Instituto do Coração, Brazil


iBeam Architecture

Aplio’s revolutionary iBeam architecture, with dramatically increased processing power***, provides exceptional image clarity and definition, while significantly enhancing penetration.

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***Compared to Aplio Platinum Series.


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Alphenix’s improved imaging chain, including Illuvis noise reduction technology, provides cleaner, sharper, more defined images during stent placement or ablation procedures.