⁠Radiation Therapy Planning | Computed Tomography

Our radiation therapy solutions are designed to help you prioritize precise, safe and efficient treatment plans for your patients.

CT Simulation Positioning

Aquilion Exceed LB

Transforming radiation therapy planning, the new Aquilion Exceed LB enables you to easily position your patients with extraordinary precision.
Features include:
  • 90 cm gantry bore
  • 70 cm true FOV
  • 90 cm extended FOV
Applications include:
  • CT Fluoro
  • SUREPosition
  • 4D CT respiratory gated simulation

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4D Respiratory Gated CT Simulation

This oncology application offers advanced motion management and radiation planning to help you:
  • Acquire prospective respiratory gated images
  • Enable retrospective gating with 4D acquisition mode

⁠Radiation Therapy Planning | PET/CT

Discover new levels of accuracy, speed, dose control and comfort with Canon Medical Systems’ advanced Celestion PET/CT – built entirely with your patients in mind.


More Room to Move and Image for comfortable and accurate Radiation Therapy planning

Largest PET/CT Bore Provides More Room to Move

The Celesteion’s 90 cm bore offers patients a more comfortable experience while enabling you to see more and accurately plan treatment.
  • 90 cm CT bore
  • 88 cm PET bore
  • 70 cm acquired FOV
Overcome the disadvantages of a 50 cm field of view with a 70 cm PET and CT True Scan FOV that can help you reliably see beyond a 50 cm FOV and deliver more accurate and safe treatment plans.

Respiratory Gating

Detailed images at every phase for more effective treatment plans.

⁠Radiation Therapy Planning | Healthcare IT

Harness the power of Canon Medical Systems’ advanced HIT solutions to give your patients the fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment they need for a more positive outcome.

Mirada RTx

Oncology Fusion Software*

With a range of tools to support radiation therapy, Mirada software brings a new level of functionality, speed, and accuracy to the planning process.
  • Multi-modal deformable image registration
  • Comprehensive QA tools
  • PET/CT and MR included in the planning
  • Single-click multi-atlas contouring
  • Dose warping and summation
  • Adaptive re-planning

Mirada Oncology Fusion Mirada RTx

*Optional, designed and manufactured by Mirada Medical