Quality care for operators

Aquilion Start’s patient-friendly design not only increases efficiency but also ensures patient safety, helping to reduce stress on healthcare personnel. Both budding technologists and seasoned experts can appreciate Aquilion Start’s integrated workflow solutions which make even the most complex tasks easy.

Expand your clinical capabilities

Ease of Operation

  • Single press scan position
  • Single press home position
  • Reduces training requirements

Quality care for patients and operators

  • Lowest couchtop in the industry
  • Easier transition from wheelchair
  • Minimizes strain moving patients

New, improved gantry for maximum patient comfort

Aquilion Start's gantry features design innovations to improve the scanning experience for patients while providing excellent operability and safety.

The spacious 78 cm wide bore and 47 cm wide couch allow comfortable scanning for even the largest patients. The couchtop can be lowered to a minimum height of 31.2 cm, which makes it easier to transfer patients from a wheelchair.

Flex e-Tilt

Aquilion Start introduces the intuitive Flex e-Tilt feature that provides you the functionality of tilt from the comfort of the console to enable faster scan planning to generate images at the desired anatomical reading plane.

Organ Effective Modulation (OEM) technology can complement the Flex e-Tilt feature by reducing exposure to the eyes by up to 60%.

Zero-click workflows

Protocol integrated applications make complex exams easy and provide robust and reproducible results.

These include:
  • SURESubtraction automated bone subtraction
  • MultiView automated MPR and MIP reconstruction
  • AIDR 3D Enhanced reconstruction