Quality care for patients

Aquilion Start incorporates advanced technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative features ensure that you can acquire high-quality images routinely at very low patient doses.

New PUREViSION Detector

PUREViSION Detector technology, which was introduced in our premium systems, has been adapted to achieve the perfect balance of image quality and patient dose optimized for outstanding speed in routine clinical practice.

Integrated dose reduction—that works

Canon Medical's 4th generation iterative reconstruction, AIDR (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction) 3D Enhanced is fully integrated into the automatic tube current modulation software SUREExposure 3D, taking the guesswork out of optimizing patient dose. The exposure dose is automatically reduced by up to 75%.

With SUREkV, the lowest kV will be selected based on patient size and SUREExposure settings for low-kVp imaging.

The clinical images illustrate the technologies described. They may not have been acquired using Aquilion Start.